Sunday, April 07, 2013

Wolfpack Delta Series

What means would you use to help your child? What laws would you be willing to push aside, to break to keep then healthy and alive? 

Within our world, there are those who are willing to sit back and watch as horrible things happen to those they love. But there are also those who refuse to stand and watch them suffer; those who are willing to fight and push past the morals of society for the betterment of not only those they love, but to make the world a better place. 

What if a creature exists that would change the outcome of life, and possibly death, as we know it? What if a single drop of blood could heal a wound? What would happen if that same blood was injected into a diseased organ? Would disease cease to exist? 

What if the creature has existed right under the noses of the government for hundreds of years, their special qualities never considered, only ever used as combat weapons for their own stealth and durability? What if they could be altered, created within a lab for one purpose? 

The ultimate weapon. 

Stay tuned...

~Ruelle Channing & Cam Cassidy~

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