Sunday, April 07, 2013

Ryden & Carlee, Wolfpack Delta

Photo Credit: 123rf
“Are you ready, Carlee?”

She didn't speak, but her eyes drifted to his mouth and back up to his eyes. With a hand at her waist, he pulled her closer so she could feel the proof of his need for her. He wouldn't force her, but with the scent coming off her, Ryden had a feeling she would be more than willing. “I can smell your need, sweetheart. You can’t deny it.”

He could feel her body tremble but not in fear. It was anticipation. Her breath hitched as he leaned over and kissed her again. He could feel her hot skin beneath her shirt and the urge to remove the barrier overcame his common sense. The shirt seemed to ease up of its own accord; her flesh tingled under his palm as hands spanned her waist and pushed the shirt up over her head. He couldn't explain it, but it seemed his entire life had led to this moment and it was fate.

The kiss broke as her shirt fell to the floor. He scooped her up, and carried her to the bed, their eyes never leaving each other. She clung to him, her hands running through his hair as he laid her down, pressing her back against the bed. Why he couldn't just take her quickly, he didn't know. They had been here before, but this was so far removed from those few moments in time that he had to ask her again.

“Are you sure? There’s no going back, Carlee.”

“Y-yes, Ryden. Please....”

And with that one word, please, Ryden knew this was how it was meant to be. His mouth captured hers but no more of the teasing, slow kisses. This one was urgent, a claiming and the wolf was up front and center. No more lingering behind the man and letting him lead. This was his doing and he would be right there for the moment and all the moments that followed.

“Carlee, you’re so beautiful. My Carlee...mine.”

© 2013 Ruelle Channing

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